Matthew McConaughey Says He Wouldn’t Hesitate To Do ‘True Detective’ Season 3

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This is great news for all you True Detective fans!

Matthew McConaughey, who starred in the first season of the HBO crime drama, might be on board with returning for a third season. Yes, get excited, because the 47-year-old actor is not totally done with his serial killer hunting days.

On Friday, the Sing actor stopped by The Rich Eisen Show to talk about his new animated movie, but the conversation quickly turned to the possibility of a True Detective comeback.

“I hear that all the time now,” McConaughey said about potentially reprising his True Detective role as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

But Eisen wasn’t about to let the topic go.

“You said you were going to do season 3. When is it coming?” Eisen asked.

McConaughey played Rustin “Rust” Cohle on the first season of True Detective, which was a MAJOR hit. The second season, which starred Rachel McAdams wasn’t as big of a success. The third season could be different, if the Texas native were to return to play his iconic character.

McConaughey admitted that the “ball’s not advanced at all” when it comes to a third season.

He went onto say, “I’ve talked to the creator Nic Pizzolatto who’s taking a little break from it.”

Not all hope is lost however, because the actor isn’t giving up and neither should you.

“If that thing was written well and it came up again, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second,” he revealed, keeping our hopes alive. “Oh, I’m open to it for sure,” he added.

While that’s not a total yes, we’ll take it! What do you think about another season of True Detective?

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)