These Are The Movies You’re More Likely To Watch After Binge-Watching Certain Shows On Netflix

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Binging an entire series on Netflix takes a lot of time and commitment, so it’s only natural that after a good, long binge, viewers might feel the need to take a break.

In fact, a new study released by Netflix revealed that most viewers like to break up their marathons by watching a movie before getting invested in another series.

According to Netflix, more than 30 million viewers opt to stream a movie instead of jumping straight into a new series. The study also found that on average, 59 percent of viewers wait about three days before settling down to binge another television show. Of that 59 million, 61 percent opt to fill the time in between binges with a movie.

In addition to bringing out these interesting statistics, Netflix also revealed which movies viewers tend to gravitate toward after binge-watching certain shows. As you might expect, most people chose to stick with a similar genre to that of the show they were binging, but it’s still interesting to see what people chose to watch next!

In a fun graphic released by Netflix and revealed by EW, we can see that viewers who binge Gilmore Girls or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt tend to gravitate toward Sixteen Candles and The Princess Bride. Meanwhile, fans of Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, and Breaking Bad prefer to watch movies like The Do-Over.

It’s definitely interesting to see which movies other viewers like to watch after a lengthy binge! If anything, it’s got us looking back at our own Netflix streaming habits to see if we notice any patterns!