6 Most Unrealistic Moments On ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (Not Including Vampires)

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the most memorable TV series of all time. It is definitely a cult classic and one of the first real shows to have a female kicking butt as the lead. Buffy Summers, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, was the ultimate role model in the ’90s and early ’00s because she  she often single–handedly saved everyone around her from demons and vampires.

The WB series ended in 2003, but it still lives on in the comic book universe and through binge-watching parties all over the world. While we are major fans of the supernatural show and love all the characters, especially Buffy and Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan), there were a lot of unrealistic moments on Buffy, and we’re not talking about the vampires. See what they are below:

1. No Parents, No Problem

Although you do meet Buffy’s mom, Joyce, in the series, there are pretty much no other adults, besides the ones at school. Where are all the kids’ parents? While saving the world from vampires and demons is all well and good, it’s so unrealistic that teenagers wouldn’t have parents asking them what they were doing at the cemetery last night or why they have so many cuts and bruises.

2. College Disappearances

College was a weird time for Buffy and her friends, like really weird. There were fraternity vampires, demons as roommates and boyfriends who also fought evil but through a secret military operation. Besides all that, which we can get behind because it made Buffy interesting, we have an issue with how college was portrayed.

First of all, the vampires took all their victims’ stuff and pretended they left school by leaving behind a note. That would never fly, the university would look into your disappearance right away. Second, they had witch practice spells in Willow’s dorm and no one reported it? That would definitely be something the RA would question you about.

3. Secret Library Meetings

Okay, we understand that the Scooby Gang had to meet somewhere, but why did it have to be the library. For starters, wouldn’t other students ever need to use the library? Why were they allowed to close it off without any questions asked for their vampire slayer meetings? Also, the library was huge and pretty, which doesn’t sound like many high school libraries we’ve seen.

3. Class Protector Award

If you remember correctly, Buffy kicks some serious butt on the night of her senior prom, but still manages to attend the school dance. When she gets there she is awarded the “Class Protector” award, which in reality is definitely not a thing. Even though she kind of needed the reassurance that all of her hard work in high school defending everyone didn’t go unnoticed, schools don’t give out random awards at prom. It’s the prom court and naming the king and queen, no other weird awards. Sorry.

4. Prom Dates

In addition to the awards being given out at prom and not just written in the yearbook like normal high schools, Buffy’s prom was all wrong. You can’t just bring a date to the dance who isn’t a student, let alone someone who looks so much older, like Angel and Anya. You have to buy your tickets in advance and have your date approved if it’s not a student at your specific high school. Yes, it was a TV prom, but the rules still should’ve applied, at least a little bit.

5. Sisterly Responsibilities

Buffy’s sister Dawn didn’t actually appear on the series until season 5 and then all of a sudden she was Buffy’s responsibility, which was odd. We did love the sisterly bond the two characters had going on, but she wasn’t even really mentioned in the first couple of seasons so it was a shocking twist. Plus, was Buffy really allowed to take care of her alone after Joyce died? Seems unlikely.

6. Musical Episode

Yes, there was a musical episode, and yes, we sort of loved it. “Once More, With Feeling,” was probably one of the strangest episodes of Buffy and that’s saying a lot because there were some wild storylines. The reason it was unrealistic, besides the fact that it was all because of a demon cursing them, was that if everyone started singing in town – and we mean everyone – you’d be totally freaked out, but the town just went with it. Plus, they sang about laundry and fought while singing, it was all just too much.

What do you think were the best and worst moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?