New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Teaser Reveals Someone Is Always Watching And Manipulating

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Can you believe that Pretty Little Liars is almost over? The final 10 episodes return this April, and now we have a new look at what’s to come.

On Monday, Freeform released another teaser trailer from the second half of PLL’s final season and yes, it is as creepy and haunting as you’d hope.

“There’s always been someone watching. Manipulating… The FINAL 10 EPISODES of #PrettyLittleLiars begin April 18th on @FreeformTV. #PLLEndGame,” Freeform wrote on Twitter alongside the epic teaser.

So what is in store for the Liars come April? Well, for starters a lot of freak outs.

The trailer begins with the girls running through the school (why are they always in school?) as Mona begins talking.

“We swim around in this fishbowl like we’re in control. We’re not!” Mona says. “There’s always been someone watching, manipulating.”

Okay, well that’s not creepy at all. Oh wait, yes it is!

Next we see AD messing around with some objects as the girls try to put together all of the pieces. Then Hanna yells at Aria for “wrecking her life” and we instantly want to know what she’s talking about.

The teaser also includes Emily asking Alison what AD made her do and by the look on her face fans aren’t going to like the answer.

At the end of the clip we see all of the Liars together barricading a door. Are they trying to keep AD out? Or are they trapping him (or her) inside?

Tune into Freeform on April 18, 2017 for all-new episodes of Pretty Little Liars and hopefully all of your questions will be answered!

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