Drew Barrymore’s New ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Trailer Will Give You ‘Hannibal’ Vibes

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While everyone else was focused on who was winning what award during the Golden Globes on Sunday, we were hooked on the new trailer for Drew Barrymore’s upcoming Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet.

The trailer, which debuted during the Globes, gave fans yet another look at the show’s big twist, and it’s totally giving us Hannibal vibes!

“It’s not just another bloody diet. Try the #SantaClaritaDiet and get the body you’ve always desired!” Netflix wrote alongside the trailer on Twitter.

The trailer begins with Barrymore standing in a gorgeous red dress talking about the diet that changed her life.

If you find yourself thinking it’s a real diet commercial, you’re not alone, we almost signed up right on the spot after watching.


Next, Barrymore talks about “feeling younger, more energetic” than she’s  felt in years. The trick however, may surprise you.

“I satisfy all my cravings and eat whoever I want,” she said biting into a bowl of red-bloody body parts!

Yes, she eats humans and is a zombie. Yikes.

“The first month is free!” she says at the very end, making you do a double take. Is it a diet commercial? Is it a TV commercial? Did she just eat human brains? What just happened?

Even though we know the diet isn’t real and it’s a TV show, we were seriously thinking about logging onto their site and joining until we saw the gross meals aka humans.

Now, we’re just going to tune into the zombie series, which is both a comedy and horror show next month.

Santa Clarita Diet premieres on February 3, 2017 on Netflix.

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