Extended ‘Cars 3’ Trailer Reveals The Aftermath Of Lightening McQueen’s Crash

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Remember that horrible and terrifying look at Cars 3 we already saw? Well, now we have the next look and it’s much more up-lifting.

The first look at Cars 3 was all about Lightening McQueen and a major crash. We saw him killing it on the race track as usual when all of a sudden he crashed in slow motion and then the screen went black.

On Monday, Disney/Pixar released an extended look at that original trailer, and while it’s not exactly packed with jokes, it is much happier than the last.

The new trailer shows McQueen (Owen Wilson) surviving the crash — thank goodness — but his life is definitely not the same.

We see McQueen in his giant trailer truck as a voice says, “you will never be the racer you once were… accept it.”



Then we see him being transported along Route 66 as the lights go on in his trailer and he says, “I decide when I’m done,” giving us hope for his return to racing.

There is also the introduction of a new, faster racer, Jackson Storm, who McQueen is not ready to let win everything.

“You’ll never be as fast, but you can be smarter,” another car voice says before we see McQueen getting ready for an epic comeback.

The teaser ends with everyone chanting ,“Lightening!” and the red race car getting ready for what appears to be the biggest race of his life. Ah, it gives us chills.

Cars 3 hits theaters on June 16, 2017.

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