5 Things You Need To Know About ‘Outlander’ Season 3

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Fans of Outlander have been itching for more since last summer’s big season 2 finale, and who could blame them?

The second season left us all on one of the biggest cliffhangers so far after a harrowing season that involved Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) trying and failing to stop the infamous Battle of Culloden from taking place.

With Claire finally set to venture back through the stones and reunite with Jamie in his time, season 3 of the hit Starz series can’t come soon enough. If you’re suffering from the effects of the dreaded Droughtlander right along with us, then hopefully what we’ve got in store will quench your thirst!

To get ready for new episodes, we’ve searched the internet to bring you five fun scoops from season 3. Check them out below!

1. We’ll get to see the aftermaths of the Battle of Culloden.
Jamie and Claire spent the majority of season 2 trying to prevent the big battle from occurring only to find that it couldn’t be stopped. Now, we’ll get to see exactly what transpired on the battlefield. In fact, one of the first stills from next season features actor Sam Heughan getting some extra blood applied by a make up artist for the scene. We’ll definitely be looking forward to seeing exactly what transpired during the big battle when the show returns!

2. Season 3 will take a closer look at Frank and Claire’s relationship.
In a move that veers slightly away from the third book, season 3 is set to focus a bit more on the dynamic between Frank and Claire, and what transpires in the time after she returns from Culloden. While it’s a bit different to how Voyager begins, author Diana Gabaldon has given the change her official stamp of approval.

“[The showrunners] have expanded that end of the story a little bit, but they’ve done it well, very consistently,” promised Gabaldone in an interview with TV Guide.

3. They’ll be filming part of season 3 in South Africa.
Get ready for a change of scenery come next season! According to International Business Times, Caitriona Balfe revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that part of next season will be shot in South Africa! While the actress who plays Claire wouldn’t go into details as to what would take place in the new setting, she did reveal that she’s excited to get around to filming there.

“I’m really looking forward to that part of the story and also being in a new place,” said Balfe. “It’s going to be fun.”

4. We won’t have to worry about season 3 being its last.
As Outlander fans know, Starz announced over the summer that they’d officially renewed the series for both season 3 and season 4, but it looks like Jamie and Clarie’s journey won’t stop there. In fact, it sounds as though the premium network is in it for the long haul when it comes to Outlander.

At the 2016 TCA’s, Starz executive officer Chris Albrecht revealed that they expect Outlander to be “around for a while,” which can only mean good news for all us fans hoping to see the Fraiser’s journey through to the end!

5. The showrunners aren’t ruling out the possibility of a spinoff.
Which is great news of you, like us, are interested in exploring the vast world author Diana Gabaldon has created! While there aren’t any firm plans in place for an Outlander spinoff, producer Matt Roberts revealed in an interview back in June that the subject has definitely come up.

“We always joke about spinoffs

Outlander is nominated for Favorite Premium Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Series at People’s Choice Awards 2017, alongside Marvel’s Luke Cage, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Westworld. Tune in to the show on Wednesday, Jan. 18 on CBS to see all the winners!

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