‘Bones’ Stars Emily Deschanel And David Boreanaz Are Open To A Revival…Sort Of

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The final season of Bones has officially begun and we’re already dreading saying goodbye to our favorite characters at the Jeffersonian. Luckily, the two leads of the series aren’t opposed to a revival… someday.

On Wednesday, the Bones cast and creators attended their final Television Critics Association winter press tour and teased a possible revival for the future.

While the showrunners and actors discussed the final 12 episodes as “very satisfying,” it was the talks about a future comeback that fans should be most excited to hear.

“Maybe we kill them all? You don’t know,” creator Hart Hanson jokingly told reporters at the panel via The Hollywood Reporter. “I think those things are always possible and very desirable.”

David Boreanaz, who plays agent Seeley Booth on the show, was also a little tentative about saying yes to coming back, but he didn’t say no either.

“Everything is possible in life, but I tend to like to go forward. I don’t like to go backwards,” Boreanaz told the panel. “I don’t like reunions, and I don’t like to go back.”

While we totally understand where the actor is coming from, as fans, we’d love to see him step back in to Booth’s shoes somewhere down the line.

Emily Deschanel, who plays the lead actress, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, on the other hand is open to a revival if enough time passes.

“I would like some time before I consider that. We’ve put 12 years into the show,” Deschanel explained. “It’d be really weird to say goodbye, very emotional to say goodbye, and then next week, we’re coming back.

“That’s not to say I wouldn’t consider it,” she added. “We need to have some time pass before we consider that.”

Okay, so the cast isn’t saying it’s a definite that a reunion will happen, but being open to one gives all Bones fans hope!

Bones airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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