‘Once Upon A Time’ Star Jennifer Morrison Opens Up About Her Future With The Series

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On Tuesday (Jan. 10), Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed that they are considering a re-working of the show if it gets picked back up by the network. Now, Jennifer Morrison is explaining what that means for her.

During an interview with Will Malnati on his podcast, The Drop-In, Morrison, who plays the Savior, Emma, on the ABC hit said that her contract is up in April and she has yet to hear if it’ll be renewed.

“We are just waiting now to see if the network decides to continue with the show — and if they do continue with the show, if they’re going to rework it to be something else, or if they’re going to invite people to stay,” Morrison told Malanti on the podcast via Entertainment Weekly. “We’re just in a holding pattern right now.”

If the show does get renewed and the 37-year-old actress is asked back, she assured fans that she would want to keep playing Emma in whatever way possible.

“I have a really fierce loyalty to the show,” Morrison said. “I am fiercely protective of the character. I feel like so many amazing things have come to my life because of it.”

It’s because of Morrison’s amazing experience on the show thus far that she isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to it…and neither are we.

“It’s really made my life better in so many ways,” she continued. “I don’t have any interest in abandoning something that is such a special part of my life, but I also know I don’t have it in me to do it forever, so it’s more about a life decision, and I don’t even know how to make that life decision until I know what ABC even wants.”

Okay ABC it’s up to you! We need Emma Swan in our lives, please, pretty please.

The good news is that Morrison is definitely up for more OUAT, or keeping Emma alive in some capacity, now we wait to see her fate alongside the actress.

Once Upon a Time returns on March 5, 2017 to ABC.

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