People’s Choice Awards 2017 Host Joel McHale Teases ‘Pyrotechnics’ And Other Big Treats For This Year’s Show

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It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! People’s Choice Awards 2017 is finally here!

Tonight you’ll finally discover which of your favorite TV shows, movies, musicians and more have won the coveted award for their category and we’re pretty excited to watch it all go down.

Ahead of the night’s festivities, People’s Choice caught up with this year’s host, Joel McHale, to talk about what fans can expect from the event.


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“Okay, lot of pyrotechnics,” McHale joked. “It’ll make a Bon Jovi show look like a small-town bottle rocket going off with what we’re going to shoot off here. I would warn the people in the first three rows, they could get their eyebrows singed.”

As if that wasn't enticing enough, McHale also said there will be "a cast of thousands" and "trained dogs and cats."

Said The Great Indoors star, "People will be talking about this for centuries."

LOL, we cannot wait to see what McHale actually has in store since we’re guessing it's not too likely we'll actually see extreme pyrotechnics and trained dogs at the show.

When asked what he would talk about on stage, McHale gave a shoutout to his former Community costar, Ken Jeong, who now stars on Dr. Ken.

“There will be some references to the show Dr. Ken, which I have guest starred on,” he explained. “It’s a pretty big deal, his picture is over there.”

As for who the show’s host is excited to see, it’s a little bit up in the air.

“None of these people, I just want to see my kids,” McHale said jokingly.

The one thing he was pretty serious about was how ready he is to get on that stage and make the audience laugh.

“I will be excited to get out there and finally start telling jokes,” McHale said about whether or not he gets nervous. “It’s always the time before I’m like, ‘alright, let’s do this. Let’s get to this.’”

McHale totally does have this and we are ready to go along for the ride.

Hosted by Joel McHale, People’s Choice Awards 2017 airs on Wednesday at 9/8 ET (delayed PT) on CBS.

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