Watch Kevin Hart Give The Rock A Special Shout Out During His People’s Choice Awards 2017 Acceptance Speech

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Kevin Hart walked away with his third ever People’s Choice Award on Wednesday (Jan 18.) night when he was voted this year’s Favorite Comedic Movie Actor.

During his acceptance speech, the Central Intelligence star thanked his wife, kids, and of course, the fans who voted for him to win. While Hart’s heartfelt words didn’t go unnoticed, there was one very special shoutout toward the end of his speech that really caught our eye.

Just before he wrapped things up, Hart took a moment to call out his fellow Central Intelligence co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“Last but not least, all the co-stars that I’ve had in my life that have helped me grow in this business— I appreciate you all,” continued Hart. “I’m definitely able to do what I do because of the help that I have on camera, so this one goes out to all of the co-stars that I’ve had except The Rock, because he hasn’t helped me.”

Hart didn’t stop there though. In fact, he made sure the fans knew exactly how much Johnson has not changed him for the better.

“He hasn’t helped me at all,” joked Hart. “He’s actually lessened my talent— it’s gone down since you’ve been in my life.”

The fact that Hart and Johnson can joke so freely together is the mark of a good friendship if you ask us! We’re definitely looking forward to seeing these two team up together again later this year in Jumanji!

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