Priyanka Chopra Says She Almost Had To Miss People’s Choice Awards 2017 Because Of On-Set ‘Quantico’ Injury

(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for People's Choice Awards)
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Priyanka Chopra won her second award at People’s Choice Awards 2017 on Wednesday night, but it turns out the actress almost didn’t make it to the show to accept her award in person!

Chopra made headlines earlier this month when it was reported that the Quantico star had suffered a concussion while on-set attempting to do her own stunts. When we caught up with Chopra on the  red carpet, the actress revealed that this was a “one-off” injury and that she’d never gotten hurt before in all the years she’s been doing her own stunts.


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“I was supposed to be saving someone, as usual, Alex Parrish style, and I was wearing rubber boots and it was raining, and there was plastic on the floor, and I slipped on that,” Chopra told Nuzhat Naoreen and Entertainment Tonight's Denny Director about her injury on set. “Can you imagine? After all the action I do, that’s how I get a concussion? So not glamorous!”

After the accident, Chopra revealed she had strict orders to take it easy, but boredom is what eventually lead to her speedy recovery.

“I didn’t know if I would make it [to People’s Choice Awards 2017], but I got so bored sitting on my couch for three days because after a concussion, apparently you can’t watch TV, or you can’t read anything, and they don’t let you sleep so I was so tortured,” explained Chopra. “But I wore my brace and went back to work on Monday. I was like, ‘Please take me back!’”

Chopra also assured fans that she’s doing just fine and that as long as she doesn’t “do any action” she’s expected to make a full recovery very soon!

We’re certainly glad to hear Priyanka Chopra is doing well after her nasty fall!

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