Ashley Greene Reveals The One Reason Why A ‘Twilight’ Revival Wouldn’t Work

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This might not be the news Twilight fans want to hear!

Last week, Ashley Greene attended the People’s Choice Awards 2017 and while chatting with her on the red carpet, we obviously had to know if there was any chance for a Twilight revival.

With so many TV series getting the reunion treatment, like Fuller House, which won big at the PCAs, it doesn’t seem like a Twilight revival is that strange of a request. Sadly, the actress, who played Alice in all the films thinks there is one major reason it won’t even happen… at least not with her in it.

“I think that I would be too old for it at this point,” Greene told Nuzhat Naoreen and Entertainment Tonight’s Denny Directo on the red carpet.

If you remember correctly, all of the Cullen family was supposed to stay young forever, which means some of the character might look too old, according to Greene.

“Just because, when we started we were babies and Alice isn’t supposed to age,” she continued. “She’s supposed to be young and perky and so I think unfortunately I would be too old.”




Just because the Rogue actress doesn’t think she should be in another installment that doesn’t mean she isn’t fully on board with someone creating more Twilight magic.

“But I would love to pass the battalion,” Greene said. “I’ll watch it with you guys!”

Okay, while we would definitely love to see Greene back as the adorable Alice Cullen, we get that she might have done enough Twilight films in her lifetime. Maybe there is a way for her to do a cameo, if the saga ever does continue.

What do you think about another Twilight film?

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