Mandy Moore Says ‘A Walk To Remember’ Reunion Is In The Works

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When it comes to Nicholas Sparks adaptations, we can’t deny that A Walk To Remember is one of our all time favorites!

After all, who could forget the tragic love story of Landon (Shane West) and Jamie, whose star-crossed love story is plagued by the fact that Jamie (Mandy Moore) is dying of leukemia?

It’s been 15 years to the day since Jamie and Landon stole our collective hearts, and to mark the milestone anniversary, actress Mandy Moore confirmed some pretty exciting news via Twitter.

When one nostalgic fan tweeted the This Is Us star saying that it would be amazing to see the cast get together again after all these years, Moore let slip that a reunion actually could be in the works!

“We’re working on it!” tweeted Moore to hordes of excited fans.

Moore’s A Walk To Remember co-star Shane West also got in on the reunion action revealing he’d be down to re-record the DVD commentary somewhere down the line.

“I remember the commentary being pretty fun. Doing it over again would be a blast,” tweeted West.

For her part, Moore is definitely down for the plan. The actress instantly retweeted her former co-star adding “I’m in!”

We think we speak for all fans of the film when we say we’d totally be down to listen to Moore and West’s updated DVD commentary! It’d be incredibly fun to see how well they remember shooting some of the film’s most iconic moments like the scene in which Jamie and Landon build the telescope, or the moment in which Landon realizes his true feelings for Jamie after she stuns the audience with her incredible singing voice.

Here’s hoping Moore and West figure out a way to reunite and make this DVD commentary a reality!

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