‘Supernatural’ & ‘One Tree Hill’ Stars Have Talked About Doing The Crossover Of Your Dreams

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Supernatural is currently in its 12th season on The CW and what better way to keep things super than to have some former CW stars on the series? More specifically, former One Tree Hill stars.

Apparently, Hilarie Burton, who played Peyton Sawyer on the long-running CW high-school-turned-post-college drama, has been thinking the same thing. If you’re a bit confused as to why Burton even has Supernatural on the brain, let us fill you in: She’s married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Sam and Dean Winchester‘s father, John, on the series from 2005-2008. And they make a beautiful, post-CW couple.

Plus, their friends happen to be Danneel [Burton’s former OTH co-star) and Jensen Ackles [Morgan’s former SPN co-star], so it was only a matter of time until the thought of everyone joining together for an epic Supernatural episode came up. We’re just glad it finally did.

“Jeff said he’ll go back to Supernatural if Jensen directs,” Burton told People’s Choice at the InsideOTH convention in Wilmington last July. “So, if Jensen directs, then Danneel and I will come back as ghosts. And Jeff will come back as dead dad. And we’ll all just party.”

Quite frankly, this foursome of CW stars sounds magical in real life (Hilarie and Danneel even joke about creating a “The Wives of Supernatural” convention!) and a Supernatural episode starring them all would be otherworldly. If you’re currently going crazy just thinking about it all and need someone to thank for this Burton/Morgan pairing, and then in turn the idea of an OTH/SPN match-up, look no further than The Ackles.

“Every time I would go to LA, I would stay at Danneel and Jensen’s house,” Burton said. “And I think Jensen got sick of me dating dorks. I think he was like, ‘Alright, whoever Hilary dates, I’m gonna have to hang out with by proxy, so let me just pick him.’

Jensen didn’t get to have all the fun, though, as his wife got to be in on the plan, as well.

“Jensen was like, ‘Yeah, I’ve got somebody for you to meet’ and Danneel was like, ‘Who?’ and he whispers into her ear and she’s like, ‘Yes, yes, yes,'” Burton remembers.

The former White Collar actress continued to tell the story of how she fell in love, off screen this time.

“They were trying to get us together and I was not interested. I’ve never dated an actor, I wanted no part of it. And so they made us meet on a blind date. It’s so dorky. He showed up and the first thing he did was start making fun of me like we’re in third grade. And I’m like, ‘Oh God, no.’ And, of course, I end up kissing him by the end of the night. Like, how did that work? I knew it was a bad game, but I was like, I fell for it. I just did.”

Apparently, these actors and actresses learned a thing or two about planning and scheming and relationships during their time on the CW because it all worked out. And the world had, not one but, two sets of OTH SPN #couplegoals.

“I remember calling them from Jeff’s car once, we were like, ‘yeah, you’re awesome,’ and just leaving this message like, ‘Oh my God, we’re so in love, thanks guys!'”

As if this love story couldn’t get any sweeter, Burton and Morgan had a child, got married, and bought a candy store. Yes, you read that right. They co-own a candy shop in Upstate NY with fellow actor Paul Rudd. Perhaps he, too, can get in on the Supernatural guest-starring fun!

While we’re waiting for this magical Supernatural episode to come to life and for “The Wives of Supernatural” convention to come to a town near us, we’ll keep ourselves occupied by watching the current season of the hit CW series on Thursdays!

Would you want to see the four of them together on Supernatural? What should happen in the episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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