Watch Mary Tyler Moore Win Her First-Ever People’s Choice Award In 1975

Mary Tyler Moore at People's Choice Awards 1977. (Photo by CBS via Getty Images)
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Though gone, we’re certain Mary Tyler Moore will never be forgotten. The iconic actress spent decades entertaining us through her various roles in both film and television, so it seems only fitting that Moore was one of the many honored at the first ever People’s Choice Awards in 1975.

That year, Moore walked away with Favorite Female Television Actress award thanks to the many fans who voted for her to win. Moore’s talent is indisputable, but it’s her acceptance speech from 1975 that reminds us all that there’s more than one reason why Moore was so beloved by the public.

Despite the fact that the award went to Moore alone, the iconic actress made sure to let the public know that she’s not the only one to thank for the hours of entertainment we’ve enjoyed thanks to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

“Wow, you sure know know to make a girl feel good. I mean, everybody likes to be appreciated, but to be voted the American public’s Favorite Female Television actress is really something,” said Moore when she got up to the podium. “There also happens to be a bunch of really wonderfully talented, lovely, nice people, who combine their efforts every week to produce our show and so for them, and for me I thank you very much.”

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Moore’s reminder that everyone, no matter how big their role is, deserves a bit of thanks every now and then is truly a lesson we can all apply to our own lives, and we thank her for reminding us of that.

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