New ‘Arrow’ Promos Reveal The Hunt For A New Black Canary Is On

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Oliver Queen has got a lot on his plate these days— at least if the new promos for Arrow’s big return from last year’s mid-season finale are anything to go by.

Last episode, fans everywhere were let in on the fact that the Laurel Lance that showed up suddenly wasn’t the Black Canary we all know and love, but in fact an Earth-2 doppleganger. Even so, it looks as though Oliver and the rest of the team are still on the hunt for the right person to fill Black Canary’s very big shoes just as Laurel wished they would.

Unfortunately, as the extended promo for episode 11 shows, Oliver’s not about to settle for just anyone. In fact, even when presented with an incredibly promising candidate, Oliver’s still not convinced they’ve found the right person for the job.

“Finding a new Black Canary— it’s a feel thing,” he says at one point in the teaser.

Meanwhile, the second, teaser highlights the fact that taking on Prometheus this season is definitely taking it’s toll on Oliver in more ways than one.

“Prometheus is proving to me that I’m destroying myself and everyone around me,” says Oliver passionately at the beginning of the promo.

Overall, both teasers provide quite the action-packed punch and do an excellent job of getting us pumped not just for episode 11, but for the rest of season 5 as well.

Arrow returns to The CW with new episodes on February 1.

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