‘Timeless’ Writer Enlists ‘Supernatural’ Fans To Help Save The Show

(Photo by: Joe Lederer/NBC)
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The future looks a bit uncertain for NBC’s new drama, Timeless, but there might still be a way for fans to rally together and give the show a better shot at getting renewed for a second season.

Series writer Eric Kripke, who also happens to write for Supernatural, sent out a call to Timeless fans last week explaining why the series has not been renewed for a second season yet.

“TIMELESS is what they call a ‘bubble show.’ It may come back next year, it may not. That almost depends entirely on what happens over the next 5 weeks,” explained Kripke in a lengthy tweet. “The actors are killing it; the reviews are great; and our DVR ratings are quite respectable. It’s the live viewer ratings (the people who watch Monday at 10, when it airs) that need some help.”

Ultimately, Kripke hopes that fans will create enough buzz to get enough people to watch Timeless during it’s 10 p.m. slot on Monday night. In turn, a boost in viewers could make network executives realize that the series has a huge audience and is worthy of being saved.

“Most save-save-the-show campaigns occur once the show is cancelled. By then, it’s almost always too late. The powers that be have already made their decision.” continued Kripke. “So these next few weeks are crucial. While there’s no sure thing, if our ratings maintain or improve, our chances for Season 2 greatly grow.”

It’s certainly a smart move on Kripke’s part to rally the troops now, and we’re definitely hoping Timeless fans can pull it off!

The good news is, they’ve got a great ally in their corner in the form of Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who tweeted some motivational words to Timeless fans with regards to Kripke’s call to action.

“Stay the course #Timeless,” tweeted Ackles. #spnfamily has your back.”

Timeless airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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