The ‘Reign’ Final Season Trailer Is Here, And It Sets The Stage For A Battle Between Mary And Elizabeth

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The trailer for the final season of Reign is here!

On Wednesday (Feb. 1), The CW released the official trailer for season 4 of Reign aka the final season.

While we are still so sad about having to say goodbye to Queen Mary and the rest of the regal ladies and handsome royals, we are so excited about this last season.

The trailer begins by setting the stage for one epic battle. The one thing that is clear is that both Mary and Elizabeth will do whatever it takes to gain all of the power.

We see that Mary is NOT okay with what Elizabeth did to Lola (aka her execution, which we are also not over) and she will use that anger to win once and for all.



In the teaser we also see that Elizabeth is not backing down, but really we wouldn’t have expected anything less from the sassy ruler.

There are also glimpses into the fear that currently resides in the area, the fight that is in all these women, and the feeling that everything is coming to a head.

“We are not just rulers, we are pawns in a much bigger game,” Elizabeth says towards the end of the trailer and we definitely agree.

PS: Catherine is all about team Mary at this point and explains that “Killing to avenge a wrong — is justice.”

Reign returns to The CW on Friday, February 10 at 9 p.m.

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