This Disturbing ‘Cars’ Theory Will Change The Way You See The Movie

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Prepare to be truly horrified by a fan theory that’s been floating around the internet about everyone’s favorite action adventure, Cars.

While most fans have been content to simply enjoy the tale of Lightning McQueen and the rest of his four-wheeled buddies, others might have been wondering where these special, lifelike cars come from.

It’s easy to believe that the Cars universe takes place in a land purely inhabited by automobiles, but the car website Jalopnik has a different theory with regards to why we never see humans or animals mingling among some of our favorite characters.

According to Jalopnik writer Jason Torchinsky, perhaps it’s not that Cars takes place in a world without humans, so much as that perhaps Cars takes place in a futuristic version of our world. So where are the humans? As Torchinsky explains it, the humans have in fact become the cars themselves.

The theory suggests that over time, humans and cars have joined together to become hybrid beings made up of both flesh and iron after some sort of “biological calamity or plague occurred” which in turn caused most of humanity to die out.

The only ones who survived, according to the theory, are communities known as “gearheads,” or people who love to drive themselves and drive their own cars.

“Cars become bodies to house the humans within, keeping them safe but closed off to the world. Genetic engineering was used, along with artificial amniotic vats to produce new humans,” explains Torchinsky of the automobiles we see in Cars.

It certainly is a spine-tinglingly creepy theory to keep in mind when we head out to see Cars 3 in theaters later this year!

([H/T: Yahoo Movies UK)

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