Hugh Jackman Finally Regains His Strength In Latest “Logan” Trailer

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Logan is SO close to hitting theaters, we can almost taste it. In anticipation of its March release, 20th Century Fox just gave us another look at the new film, in which we see Hugh Jackman finally regaining his strength.

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, the newest Logan trailer debuted and it was short, but very sweet. Okay, sweet probably isn’t the right word, but it was awesome.

The other trailers that we’ve seen have shown Jackman’s character Logan aka Wolverine, down in the dumps. He hasn’t been able to really channel his hero side and that’s a MAJOR problem. Plus, he hasn’t been able to heal quickly and seems totally lost.

Although this clip is short, it definitely proves that Logan isn’t backing down without a fight.

The teaser begins with a truck full of old men arriving in the dark of night to try and scare off Logan’s friend, who claims he owns the land.



They get into a heated discussion, before Logan makes himself known.

Because these guys are cocky, and have no clue who they’re dealing with they say he has a big mouth and try to scare him into leaving as well.

The leader of the bullies then pulls a gun on Logan and his pal, which he should’ve never done. Logan grabs the gun and breaks it in half over his knee. It’s totally awesome and proves he’s not done being a badass, at least not yet.

“You know the drill,” he says. “Get the hell out of here.” Bam, he’s still got it!

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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