This ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Fan Theory Is Very Convincing

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The first trailer for Stranger Things season 2 is finally here and fans are already having a field day theorizing over what we might see when the show returns in October.

Amidst the fan speculation popping up is the idea that Will, Noah, Lucas, and Dustin could very well be going up against yet another monster lurking in the Upside-Down they may already have some knowledge of.

According to The Wrap, thanks to the imagery we received in the new trailer, most fans seem to believe that the kids might find themselves fending off a Thessalhydra in season 2.

According to Greek mythology, the Thessalhydra is a many headed beast that was eventually defeated by Hercules. Like the Demogorgon, the Thessalhydra is another beast that’s featured in Dungeons & Dragons so the odds that Will, Noah, Lucas, and Dustin are somewhat familiar with it are incredibly high.

Featuring a Thessalhydra as the main monster for season 2 would also tie in nicely to the final episode of the first season. As Reddit user poptart92 points out, one of the last scenes we get of all the kids together features an intense game of Dungeons & Dragons wherein a Thesselhydra appears.

In the game, Will’s the one who ends up defeating the creature with a fireball, so if an actual Thessalhydra starts wreaking havoc over Hawkins, it’ll be interesting to see if Will holds the key to defeating it come season 2.

Check out the full teaser trailer for Stranger Things season 2 below!


(H/T The Wrap)

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