Danny Rand Is Back (And Ready For A Fight) In Netflix’s Official ‘Iron Fist’ Trailer

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Brace yourselves, Marvel fans! There’s a new trailer for Netflix’s Iron Fist out and it’s bound to get you pumped up to binge the first season!

While fans got a tiny taste of what might be in store when it comes to Iron Fist in the form of the first teaser for the series, this extended look does a great job of introducing us to Danny Rand (played by actor Finn Jones).

In the first trailer, Rand is officially back in the Big Apple and determined on resuming his rightful place at his family’s company, Rand Enterprises. Unfortunately, he’s also been gone for the past 15 years and was also presumed to have died in a plane crash.

“Danny Rand. Back from the dead. Why has he waited this long to show up?” — these are just a few of the questions posed as the trailer dips into a montage of Rand’s impeccable Kung Fu fighting skills.

Of course, the trailer makes quick note of the fact that not everyone’s pleased that Rand has returned. Even so, Rand’s set on making it his mission to right the wrongs he’s uncovered.

When someone asks why he’s really back, Rand answers point blank.

“Some bad people have gotten on the inside— criminals.” says Rand, just as the teaser gives us a quick shot of his glowing fist. “I’ve been training my whole life for this. This is my destiny.”

Check out the full Iron Fist trailer for yourself below:

We can’t be the only ones excited to see Danny go up against the criminals of New York when Iron Fist makes it’s grand debut next month!

Iron Fist season 1 premieres March 17 on Netflix.

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