‘The OA’ Is Officially Getting A Second Season On Netflix

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Fans of The OA can officially rest easy! Netflix just revealed that the hit series will officially be back for a second season.

According to EW, Netflix revealed that it had renewed the sci-fi series for a second series, aptly titled The OA Part II) during a preview presentation in New York City on Wednesday (Feb. 8).

News of a second season is bound to go over well with fans of the series who just couldn’t get enough of Prairie Johnson’s story— especially after that intense cliffhanger at the tail end of season 1. According to executive producers Brit Marling (who also plays Prairie on the series) and Zal Batmanglij, season 2 is set to dive deeper into whether or not Prairie’s story is actually true.

Fans hoping to suss the matter out for themselves, however, need only take a closer look into the first season of the show for some answers. According to Marling, there are tons of little hints peppered throughout the series that could help viewers put the pieces together.

That being said, Marling also revealed in an interview with EW that there’s a far more important element to the story they set out to tell than revealing whether or not Prairie made up her entire story.

“There’s something in her story that moves [the other characters]; something they need. So whether or not they believe the story is true, the boys are changed by the experience and so is she,” Marling told EW.

Regardless, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing how the rest of Prairie’s story unfolds in the second season. Currently, there’s no premiere date set for The OA Part II, but we’re hoping Netflix reveals the information soon!

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