Watch Denzel Washington Try To Guess Whether Or Not He Said These Famous ‘Movie Lines’

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Denzel Washington just proved that he’s got a pretty good memory when it comes to plucking out lines from some of his most iconic movie roles to date.

The actor recently swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live where he took part in a fun segment which involved trying to see if he could correctly identify quotes from his own movies when recited back to him by normal people having lunch at L.A.’s Farmers Market.

The Fences star got off to a bit of a rocky start when he thought perhaps he hadn’t said the first line showed to him, but quickly redeemed himself when he correctly identified lines from films like Malcom X, Flight, and Carbon Copy.

Washington even nailed some of the shorter quotes. When presented with the simple line, “Life finds a way,” Washington was quick to insist he’d never uttered those words in a film. It turns out, he was right and the line in question was actually one of Jeff Goldblum’s from Jurassic Park.

The actor even corrected one of his most infamous lines from Training Day during the segment.

When presented with the Training Day line, “King Kong aint gonna [sic] on me,” Washington was quick to point out that that’s not exactly how the line goes.

“I didn’t say it like that, said Washington through a laugh he said, ‘is not gonna.’”

Check out the full clip of Washington figuring out which lines he has and hasn’t said throughout his career below:

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