‘Lion King’ Remake Finds Its Simba And Mufasa

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The news is finally out! The upcoming Lion King remake has its Simba and Mufasa!

With so much success in the live action realm of Disney classics, The Lion King obviously had to get in on the action — but with a little twist. The Lion King will not be a full-on live action version of the original, but it will look like one, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It will be more like The Jungle Book remake, which had a human child, as well as a  green screen, with a lot of technology to bring the jungle to life. So basically, it’s part live-action, part digital.

On Friday, Jon Favreau, who is directing the upcoming film, announced the two leads.

So, which two actors will be taking on the iconic roles of Simba and his wise father, Mufasa? Donald Glover and James Earl Jones, respectively.

“I just can’t wait to be king. #Simba,” Favreau captioned a photo of Glover to announce his role.


I just can’t wait to be king. #Simba

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Seriously, Glover is everywhere right now, and recently won a Golden Globe for his show Atlanta, so we can’t wait to see him play Simba.

The original animated film starred Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the young king, but we’re sure Glover can fill his shoes, but it won’t be easy.

Mufasa on the other hand will be played by Jones, who was in fact the original voice of the King of Pride Rock back in 1994.

“Looking forward to working with this legend. #Mufasa,” the director announced with his photo on social media.


Looking forward to working with this legend. #Mufasa

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And a legend he is! We are SO happy that the voice that commanded the original film is going to be back, even if we know his character’s sad fate will pain us once more.

What do you think about the new Lion King cast? Are you ready to go back to Pride Rock?

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