Milo Ventimiglia Writes ‘This Is Us’ Fans A Get Out Of Work Note, And You’re Going To Need It

(Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)
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Just when you thought Milo Ventimiglia couldn’t get any sweeter, he goes and does this.

On Tuesday, Ventimiglia proved that he understands viewers’ pain. With every episode of This Is Us, there is an emotional toll you must pay.

Week after week, we cry and go through a series of emotions as we watch our favorite TV family go through their lives and all the ups and downs. This Is Us fans have been on an emotional rollercoaster since episode one, and now we finally have a get out of jail free card.

Okay, not exactly, but we do have a note excusing us from our responsibilities, because even the Gilmore Girls star understands sometimes the show is too much to handle.

In fact, Ventimiglia totally gets how dramatic each episode is and how much crying usually goes along with it. That is why he tweeted a note to all his This Is Us followers out there, to help them explain to their school or boss why they wouldn’t be able to work on Wednesday.

“Just in case you need a not after tonight’s episode of #ThisIsUs. #PapaPearsonLovesYou. Tonight 9/8c on @nbc. MV,” he captioned the photo, which lucky for us shows off his handsome face as well.

The note is adorable and if you haven’t watched this week’s episode, will make you nervous that it’s going to be a BIG one.

“Dear Sir/Madame, Please excuse _______ from work/school today, Wednesday,” the note reads. “Last night was a very emotional episode of This Is Us. Thank you, Papa Pearson.”

In last night’s episode, Randall and William took a road trip to Memphis, and while we won’t spoil any plot points, we can tell you that the hour left us reeling. If you haven’t watched yet, just know that you’ll not only need Milo’s “get out of work note” but also an entire box of tissues.


This Is Us airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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