Emma Watson Looks Back On ‘Harry Potter’ And Reveals The Best Thing About Playing Hermione Granger

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Just when you though Emma Watson couldn’t get any sweeter, she answered questions from kids in the most honest way.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, adorable kids sent videos to Watson about Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter and the answers are wonderful.

The first video was from a sweet little seven-year-old girl named Audrey. She wanted to know Watson’s favorite books growing up and we love the question and answer.

“Well actually, my dad used to read me a lot of Roald Dahl. I don’t know if you have read any Roald Dahl, but he was one of my favorites,” Watson said. “ I used to really like The Twits, I used to really like James and the Giant Peach. Really, anything Roald Dahl.”

Her father also helped her get into character as Hermione by reading Harry Potter to her as a child.

“My dad read me all of the Harry Potter books, but specifically up to one, two and three,” she explained. “So my idea of how all of the characters sounded and all their accents were and what Hermione should be like, was really from my dad reading me those books. They were really special to me.”

When asked what the best part about playing Hermione Granger was, the British actress opened up about her smarts.

“The best thing about playing Hermione Granger is that she is smart, she’s always in on the action. She gets to do cool stuff and do the best, coolest, most intricate magic,” she revealed. “She’s just super strong, and fierce, and empowered and gets to do all the best stuff.”

One of the cutest questions came from a little boy who wanted to know if Harry Potter or Darth Vader would win a fight.

“Harry Potter definitely, obviously. You’re only going to get so far in life when you’re cold and dry and mean,” Watson told the camera. “You’re not going to win in the end. You’ll do fine, but you’re not going to win in the end.”

See the rest of the kids and their questions in the video above. They are adorable. Plus, Watson’s reactions to their videos are SO cute.

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017.

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