Luke Evans Reveals How Gaston Will Be Different In The ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Reboot

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Luke Evans is quickly making Gaston our new favorite character in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action film.

Last week, Evans, who plays Gaston in the new movie, talked all about his character with Yahoo! Movies and answered fan question through Facebook Live.

According to Evans, he has always loved the film, which were guessing is why he’s so good at the singing portions of the movie.

“It was my childhood. 1991 I was 12 years old, so I was the right age to go and see the big Disney animations when they came out,” Evans told Yahoo! Movies about the original. “I remember going with my mum and I remember it being magical. I left leaving the cinema singing the songs and I’ve been singing them all morning.”

As for what’s different between the original Gaston and his version, not much.

“He doesn’t eat five dozen eggs a day, he talks about it, but doesn’t do it on screen. Sorry about that guys,” he explained.

Gaston does however, still love his antlers. “I do use antlers in all of my decorating. They’re a nice décor,” Evans said. They are even in his bathroom! “Yup, you hang up your robe on the antlers,” he added.

For those of you who love the cocky, and over-the-top hunk, who is gross, but still sweet, “He’s quite similar in many, many ways,” Evans reassures fans.

“I felt like I wanted to just honor the original animation, and story and character. He’s just a larger than life, fool. He’s got a lot of very funny things he does,” he continued.

Despite the fact that the 37-year-old actor plays Gaston, he admitted that he is really like Le Fou.

When asked if he had a friend like the loyal character, played by Josh Gad in this movie, he answered yes.

“Yes I do. My best friend. He’d hate me for saying that,” he said. “Actually I’m like Le Fou in real life. I like to make my friends feel fantastic like they’re number one. But I have one of my best friends we make each other feel good, we stand by them even when they’re an idiot.”

Le Fou might be dopey and a goofball, but he is lovable, so Evans being the Le Fou of his friends isn’t all that surprising.

Either way, we love Evans and his singing, and acting abilities, so we can’t wait to see him in this Disney remake!

Beauty and the Beast hits theaters on March 17, 2017.

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