Here’s What Ruthie From ‘7th Heaven’ Is Up To Now

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It seems like only yesterday we were finding ourselves falling in love with the Camden family in the hit family drama, 7th Heaven.

The series, which wrapped in 2007, followed a minister, his wife (Catherine Hicks) and their five children as they tackled tough life issues.

While it was fun to keep up with the latest drama surrounding sisters Mary (Jessica Biel) and Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), or check in on what brothers Matt (Barry Watson) and Simon (David Gallagher) were up to, we think we speak for a good chunk of fans when we say that our favorite Camden kid was definitely little sister Ruthie.

Whether she was delivering sassy zingers as a kid or trying to find her own way to stand out as a teen,  there was always something going on with Ruthie that made watching her grow up on the series so much fun. In big families, it’s easy for babies of the bunch to be forgotten, but Ruthie always made sure her presence was known and that’s one of the things we always loved most about her.

It’s been nearly a decade since actress Mackenzie Rosman brought Ruthie to life on 7th Heaven, and it turns out, Rosman’s still pursuing acting to this day.

After wrapping on 7th Heaven, the actress picked up a few roles in smaller movies like The Tomb and Proud American, before scoring another role on a pretty big drama. in 2010, Rossman joined the cast of Freeform’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager where she played Mac’s former girlfriend, Zoe in season 3.

Up next, fans can catch Rosman starring in the short romantic drama Love Will Tear Us Apart, which follows the story of a man who must relive his past relationship with his high school sweetheart after a terrible breakup.

It’s great to hear that Rosman’s still pursuing acting, but now that we’ve checked in with her, we’re definitely itching to have an impromptu 7th Heaven marathon!

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