PCAs Rewind: Adam Sandler Shared A Totally Made Up Life Story During 2000 Acceptance Speech

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for PCA)
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Adam Sandler is a comedian, so obviously he’s funny, but his 2000 People’s Choice Awards speech is way funnier than we remember.

In 2000, Sandler was already a star having been on Saturday Night Live since the ‘90s and starring in films like The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, and Big Daddy.

After winning for Favorite Comedy Motion Picture (for Big Daddy) and Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Comedy, Sandler had a lot to say when he took the stage.

“Thank you, thank you, thanks a lot. Thank you, I appreciate it. Thanks for taking time out of your life and voting and stuff, that’s very nice of you,” Sandler first said. “I wrote a speech. I don’t do too many interviews and stuff like that so no one really knows who I am. I figured I would write a little speech about myself, so you get to know me a little better.”

The actor wasn’t joking about the story. Instead he broke out a three-page story and began to read it on stage.

“Hello, my name is Adam Sandler. I am six feet seven inches tall. I weigh 123 pounds and I am a Virgo. My turn-ons are people who are nice to me. My turn offs are people who would like to see me killed,” he said getting a laugh from the audience.

He then talked about his first big break in the acting world, which was at a very young age… or so he said.

“Born in Brooklyn, New York, the young me got his start in showbiz at the ripe old age of six, when I wrote and directed the cinematic classic, The Godfather,” he explained. “But, due to the fact that my parents thought I was attending grade school during the making of the film, I was forced to give the credit away to some heavy-set man named Francis out of the fear of getting grounded and losing my colloquial vision privileges.”

Next came his high school years.

“Moving onto high school, my natural intelligence and impeccable study habits lead me to be named coveted class valedictorian,” he continued. “I was then awarded a full track and field scholarship to the posh and prestigious Stanford University, where I proceeded to set world records in the triple jump and javelin throw.”

Who knew Sandler was so well-rounded and crazy accomplished? The actor then revealed the joking truth of his tale while fighting off the exit music from the show.

“After college graduation at the urging of family, friends, and several physicians, I was admitted into the New Hampshire State Mental Institute for Pathological Liars,” he said laughing.

“How dare you,” Sandler said starring at the camera, once the music began before cutting him off.

Oh Adam, you’re too funny.

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