PCAs Rewind: Jennifer Lawrence Had A ‘Mean Girls’ Moment During 2013 Acceptance Speech

(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
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When it comes to interviews and award shows, Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much the queen. She always knows what to say, and when she doesn’t, she makes jokes that we can’t help but laugh at.

During People’s Choice Awards 2013, Lawrence definitely made us laugh with her funny and at times, (endearingly) awkward speech. But really, what would you expect from the Hunger Games star?

That year, Lawrence won for Favorite Movie Actress, and she was really nervous, but she didn’t let that stop her from winning at her acceptance speech.

“I’m sweating so much, I’m going to drop it,” Lawrence said about her award when she first got on stage. “Robert Downey Jr. knows, I sweat all over you, when I shook his hand. I’m sorry, focus.”

It’s true, she did shake Downey Jr.’s hand and when the camera panned to his face in the audience he was laughing, as we all were.


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“Thank you so much. Thank you fans. I wish this was like Mean Girls and I could just break this up and throw it to all of you, because you’re all responsible,” she said.

We love that the 26-year-old actress almost pulled a Cady Heron here. While she didn’t actually break her award in half, like Adele did at the 2017 Grammy Awards, the sentiment was there, so we'll take it.

“Thank you for loving movies as much as I do and for accepting this movie and for voting,” she continued. “Thank you Susan Collins for your amazing vision. Thank you to Gary Ross, thank you to Lionsgate.”

Last but not least, Lawrence thanked her co-stars and of course the fans once again.

“Thank you to Josh and Liam and everyone in our cast and thank you to you guys. Ah, thanks!” she concluded.

Oh J.Law, you might’ve been nervous, but we think you nailed this PCAs speech.

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