Here’s The One Thing You Need To Know About ‘Kong: Skull Island’

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When Kong: Skull Island bursts on to the big screen next week, it’ll mark the famed primate’s grand return to the silver screen.

While the upcoming film acts as an origin story for one of the most infamous monsters in cinematic history, fans of King Kong shouldn’t expect a complete redo of some of the other Kong films that have come before.

In fact, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts revealed in an interview with The Guardian that there are quite a few ways in which Kong: Skull Island, which is set in the 1970s, differs. One of the most interesting, however, has to do with the idea of romance that has been present in past Kong films.

Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson serves as the film’s main female protagonist, but fans shouldn’t expect her character to be the quintessential damsel in distress. In fact, Voght-Roberts says they purposefully tried to stay away from going down that road.

“This is not a traditional Beauty and the Beast story,” the director told The Guardian. “I personally don’t want to see a damsel-in-distress story and I don’t think the rest of the world really wants to see that anymore.”

For Larson’s part, the actress is more than thrilled that her character won’t fall into the female trope that we’ve so often seen in past King Kong films, and we’ve got to say, we’re right with her on that front.

It’ll definitely be refreshing to see a strong female character hold her own on the mysterious island where King Kong might be the least of their worries and we can’t wait to see her kick butt on the big screen!

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10.

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