Luke Evans Opens Up About The Future Of His ‘Fast & Furious’ Character

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Despite the fact that Luke Evans is about to be seen on screen as Gaston in the new live action Beauty and the Beast, we miss him in the Fast & Furious films.

Evans recently sat down with Yahoo! Movies to talk about his new Disney film, but things quickly went towards his Fast & Furious role of Owen Shaw.

After being asked by a fan in the Facebook Live interview portion, if his character could wake up from the coma that he went into in Furious 7, Evans didn’t say no.

“Well, who knows? He’s in a coma, so people come round from comas. Who knows,” Evans told fans and Yahoo! Movies.

He explained that he’s a big threat to the world, so coming out of his coma could be a long shot.

“He’s in a military hospital, because he’s the most wanted man in the world, but he’s got a very powerful brother, and he’s now got a mum as well, who’s played by Helen Mirren,” he explained. “Who knows, who knows what’s this space.”

That doesn’t mean it’s totally off the table however.

“It would take some doing to get the world’s most wanted man, who’s in an induced coma, in a military hospital out. So, I don’t know,” he concluded.

Fingers crossed he does come out of that coma and surprise everyone soon!

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