Laura Linney Opens Up About Her Personal Connection To The ‘Big C’ On Little Known Facts Podcast

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Laura Linney has had her fair share of iconic roles, but it’s safe to say that her portrayal of Cathy Jamison on Showtime’s The Big C is one that resonates with many on a deeper level.

The series, which ran from 2010 to 2013, featured Linney as a suburban mother who faces her sudden cancer diagnosis head on. Instead of committing herself to a life of misery, Cathy sets out to find humor and happiness.

Given its subject matter, The Big C is a series that means a lot to many who have been affected in some way by cancer, and it turns out, it means a lot to Linney as well.

While appearing on an episode of Little Known Facts Podcast with Ilana Levine, Linney revealed that the idea of comedy and cancer going hand in hand hit incredibly close to home while she was in the midst of working on The Big C.

“My father was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was doing that show and he died very very quickly. If I had ever doubted the comedy combination of a cancer story, when he was dying it was completely confirmed, because the craziest things happened,” explained Linney. “It was nuts, but it was just funny, and what it did is it kept death at bay for just a little bit of time, and it made things clear all of a sudden.”

Listen to Laura Linney on the Little Know Facts Podcast to hear more from the actress as she reflects on going to theater school, staring in flops and hits on the stage, transitioning to film, and much, much more!

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