Did James McAvoy Just Hint He’s Working On Another ‘X-Men’ Movie?

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James McAvoy is officially playing with our heads!

Over the past few months there have been rumors going around that McAvoy will be reprising his role as Charles Xavier in one of two ways.

There have been whispers that the Scottish actor will be starring in Josh Boone’s X-Men: New Mutants, or that he would be playing Charles in another future X-Men movie.

Neither project has actually been confirmed, but now McAvoy has given us a little teaser photo that will leave fans wishing and hoping for the actor to be Professor X once more.

Recently, McAvoy posted a photo from a dinner he had with both Sir Patrick Stewart and X-Men producer, Simon Kinberg.

From the looks of the photo, the three were getting pretty chummy, and McAvoy teased that they would see each other this summer.

“Dinner last night with the man who’s in a multi generational three way relationship with two professors. Thanks for dinner @simondavidkinberg and @hutch.parker ,I can’t wait for the summer,” he captioned the photo collage.

This summer? What could be coming this summer?

With the Split actor’s cryptic post, it has us thinking that he is in fact starring in the New Mutants spinoff or will be working on the X-Men: Supernova (rumored) film in a few short months!

What do you think the picture means?

(H/T ComicBookMovie)

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