Bailee Madison Knows Exactly Where Her ‘Just Go With It’ Family Would Be Today

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When it comes to Adam Sandler comedies, we can’t deny that 2011’s Just Go With It is among one of our favorites.

The film, which also starred Jennifer Aniston, followed the hilarious tale of a surgeon named Danny (Sandler), who convinces his assistant, Katherine (Aniston), to pose as his stoon-to-be ex-wife in order to cover up for a little white lie he told his girlfriend. Katherine’s two kids also get in on the action and the result makes for a pretty hilarious series of events.

Danny, Katherine, and the kids may have found their happy ending before the movie wrapped, but even so, co-star Bailee Madison, who played Katherine’s daughter Maggie, has given quite a bit of thought as to what all their on-screen personas might be up to today.

The Fosters actress recently took to Instagram to share her fun theories with fans of the film, saying she’s thoroughly convinced everyone lives in Hawaii.

“I’d like to think Maggie owns her own pop up acting studio, Michael is the captain of the swim team and bakes dolphin cookies on the regular, Danny is the best step dad and Katherine still takes her spinning classes…only this time while eating M&Ms,” wrote Madison. “Eddie is…still Eddie, and Palmer has her own set of house keys to stop by whenever.”

It sounds like Madison has it all figured out, and while her other co-stars haven’t weighed in, we think they’d be pretty happy to know the entire family is living a pretty awesome life in Hawaii!


[H/T: MTV]

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