Camila Cabello Wants To Collaborate With Ed Sheeran, And We’re All For It

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Camila Cabello wants to work with Ed Sheeran and we’re all for it!

During her cover interview with Seventeen for the magazine’s March/April issue, Capello opened up about a lot of things. She talked about her friendship with Taylor Swift, her new solo career and what her hopes for Fifth Harmony going forward.

She also revealed who her dream collaboration is and we hope it actually happens someday.

“He’s incredible at putting love, emotion, and feeling into words. I would love to see him go into a room and watch how he makes his magic,” Cabello told Seventeen about her reason for wanting to work with the British singer. “He always talks about how he loves making songs from the heart, and that’s something that I’ve pushed myself to do in my songwriting process, too.”

Love and music pretty much go hand in hand, so we’re voting “yes” on this possible future duet.

Since Cabello is close to Swift and Sheeran is too, maybe she can join both of them in the studio!

What do you think about Cabello wanting to team up with Sheeran?

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