Adam Sandler Is As Endearing As Ever In Netflix’s ‘Sandy Wexler’ Trailer

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We’ve missed Adam Sandler and his comedies SO much, but now he’s back and making movie magic again.

The 50-year-old actor is starring in a new movie from Netflix called Sandy Wexler, and it looks awesome.

Sandy Wexler, who is played by Sandler, is a talent manager in Los Angeles during the ‘90s and he’s great. Well, he’s great at his job. He has strange clients, and a bizarre style, but he gets brilliant results.

The trailer begins with Jennifer Hudson (who plays Courtney Clarke)  performing in a swan costume at an amusement park. Sandy is in the audience and of course wants to sign her.

Next, we see Henry Winkler talking about Sandy and his life, and it pretty much sums him up perfectly.

“Sandy was not a big shot, he was a tiny shot, but you never forgot him,” he said while images of the agent fill the screen.

“He was the King of the fake laugh” Chris Rock says sitting next to Dana Carvey and David Spade. These three are just a few of many familiar faces we see in the teaser. What else would you expect from a Sandler film?


“He dressed like your grandfather, the table manners of a horse, but was a great manager,” Penn Jilette says on the set of a random movie in the trailer. There are also guest appearances by Judd Apatow and Conan O’Brien.

In addition to seeing Sandy at work, fans get to see what he means to Hollywood. Sure, he’s kind of a goof, but he does pour his heart and soul into being a manager.

Plus, it shows LA in 1994 and while it doesn’t seem like that long ago, it was a whole different world.

Sandy Wexler hits theaters on April 14, 2017.

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