PCAs Rewind: Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Finish Each Other’s Sentences… Sort Of, At The 2014 Show

(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/WireImage)
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Oh man, we love this movie duo!

In 2014, The Heat won for Favorite Comedic Movie, and its stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy were kind of surprised.

When the movie was announced, the two looked around and then held hands as they took the stage.

“Hi,” McCarthy said. “Thank you!” Bullock added.

McCarthy took the lead on the pair’s speech, but the crowd was really loud. Who can blame them? These ladies are awesome.

“Thank you so much for this. Hi! I love random screams,” McCarthy said after being interrupted by fans screaming. “Woo!” Bullock added, giving into the cries.

Once the screams calmed down, McCarthy regained the power and began speaking again.

“I just want to thank Paul Feig, for being Paul Feig and our lovely director, in Katie Dippold for writing such a great script and everybody for actually seeing and supporting it, it means a lot to us,” McCarthy said.


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Bullock then took the microphone and thanked her co-star and the rest of their talented cast.

“And to every brilliant cast member who was a comic, actor, comedian, you had no idea what would come out of these people’s mouths, especially hers, and it just made you realize how there’s so much talent out there and not enough time to show it all, so we just want to tell you that they’re amazing,” she said. “And thanks everyone who voted.”

“And to Boston,” McCarthy blurted out. “What?” Bullock said, clearly not hearing her friend.

“And to Boston,” she clarified. “Oh, Boston? Yes, and to Boston, thank you so much!” Bullock concluded.

The Heat came out so long ago, why can’t these two actresses be in another movie together already?

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