Here’s Where The Cast Of ‘Sleepover’ Is Today

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There’s nothing quite like a good rom-com— especially one that shines a light on a seriously awesome group of friends! That’s probably why we’ve got such a soft spot for Sleepover.

The cute coming-of-age comedy hit the silver screen in 2004 and told the story of a girl named Julie (Alexa PenaVega) who’s played it safe all through middle school. Everything changes, however, when she invites some friends over for a good old fashioned sleepover. After a run-in with their school’s resident mean girls, the friends decide to partake in a high-stakes scavenger hunt that’ll change their lives as they know it.

There’s no denying Sleepover is full of laugh-out-loud moments and tons of memorable scenes, but one of our favorite parts about the film is the cast itself. As it turns out, the cast of Sleepover have gone on to star in some pretty big projects since wrapping on the feel-good comedy.

Check out what some of your favorite Sleepover stars are up to these days below!

Alexa PenaVega/Julie
Sleepover’s main protagonist has come a long way since her days dodging security guards on her mission to complete the ultimate scavenger hunt. Since wrapping on Sleepover, PenaVega has found success starring television series like The CW’s The Tomorrow People, and the popular musical drama, Nashville. The actress also hasn’t strayed far from the silver screen, having scored roles in movies like Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, the Murder Pact, and Elephant Kingdom.

Up next, fans of PenaVega can catch the actress in the upcoming family comedy, Sleep Away, set to premiere sometime in 2017.

Sara Paxton/Staci
We’d be hard pressed to forget Paxton’s role in Sleepover. The actress did an incredible job playing Julie’s foe in the fun coming-of-age comedy and the good news is, you won’t have to look far if you’re wondering what Paxton is up to these days. Since wrapping on Sleepover, the actress has found success starring in movies like the Disney Channel’s Return to Halloweentown, and the Amanda Bynes-led comedy Sydney White. On the TV side, Paxton has guest starred on series like How To Get Away With Murder and Code Black.

Up next, you’ll be able to catch Paxton starring opposite Camilla Belle and Teri Hatcher in the upcoming spring break flick, Sundown.

Brie Larson/Liz
Of all the Sleepover alums, it’s safe to say Brie Larson is among one of the most recognizable today. The actress has had an incredible few years thanks to the critically acclaimed drama, Room, for which she won an Oscar for in 2016. Up next, fans can catch Larson on the silver screen in a slew of upcoming films including this year’s The Glass Castle, Kong: Skull Island, and Basmati Blues. Up next, Larson is set to make her grand debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where she’ll play Captain Marvel in the heroine’s first self-titled film, due out in 2019.

Evan Peters/Russell
Peter’s role as Russell was one of his first big screen scores, but Peters has come a long way since his days skateboarding after Julie and the rest of her friends. The actor has found success starring in titles like One Tree Hill, Kick-Ass, X-Men: days of Future Past, and X-Men: Apocalypse. Past roles aside, however, it’s safe to say that Peters is best known these day for being one of American Horror Story’s recurring cast members.

Up next, fans of Peters can catch the rising star in the bio-drama, Dabka, set to be released sometime this year. In it, Peters plays a rookie journalist who decides to embed himself amongst the pirates of Somalia.

Hunter Parrish/Lance
Russell would have been nothing without his trusty buddy Lance, but like Evan Peters, Hunter Parrish has come a long way since wrapping on Sleepover. The seasoned actor made a name for himself starring opposite Mary-Louise Parker in Showtime’s hit drama, Weeds. From there, Parrish has gone on to land recurring roles on series like The Good Wife, The Following, Hand of God and Good Girls Revolt.

Up next, Parrish is set to join the cast of Quantico where he’ll play a political strategist set to join forces with the CIA and FBI.

Sean Faris/Steve
A good rom-com is nothing without a crush-worthy guy to fawn over and it’s safe to say Sean Faris played Julie’s love interest perfectly! If you’re wondering what the actor is up to these days, the good news is, he’s been steadily working since wrapping on Sleepover. In fact, Faris has landed recurring roles in some of our favorite television series over the years including Life As We Know It, The Vampire Dairies, and Pretty Little Liars.

Up next, fans can catch Faris in the upcoming made for TV movies The Joneses Unplugged, Sandra Brown’s White Hot, and An Uncommon Grace.

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