Here Are The Most Popular Disney Channel Original Movies By State

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If there’s one thing fans of the Disney Channel love it’s a good Disney Channel Original Movie, and while everyone’s got their own idea of which is the best DCOM of all time, it turns out there’s a trend to the flicks we tend to gravitate towards! recently took it upon themselves to discover what each state’s favorite DCOM really is. To do this, they compiled tons of data from Google Trends and stumbled upon a very interesting trend in the process.

The first major trend they found was that viewers usually gravitate toward movies that resemble their hometowns. For example, the sister dramedy Cow Belles is incredibly popular in rural states like Mississippi and Nebraska. Meanwhile, Californians happen to love the heartwarming tale told in The Jennie Project, which happens to have been shot in San Diego.

New Yorkers have fallen head over hells with Lindsay Lohan’s Get A Clue, which also happens to take place in The Big Apple. Meanwhile, High School Musical reigns supreme in Utah, and also happens to have been shot at a local high school in Salt Lake City.

Check out more popular DCOMs by state below!


California: The Jennie Project
Florida: Twitches
Hawaii: Johnny Tsnunami
Iowa: Motocrossed
Mississippi: The Proud Family Movie
New Mexico: Cadet Kelly
North Carolina: Kim Possible: A Stitch In Time
Pennsylvania: Stepsister from Planet Weird
Virginia: Get a Clue

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