PCAs Rewind: Matthew McConaughey Tells Fans To ‘Just Keep Livin’ During 2006 Acceptance Speech

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Oh man, how we love Matthew McConaughey and his positive attitude!

In 2006, McConaughey won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Male Action Star and the cheers were insane. When he took the stage, he went into full-on love and praise mode and we’d expect nothing less.

“Yes, bless all. Thank you. It feels good to win, thank you,” McConaughey said after holding the trophy up in the air.

Because, the actor can’t do it alone he first thanked his stuntman and friend.

“I gotta first thank my stuntman Mark Norby, who always makes sure that these things I do are as safe as possible. And he does the ones that I look at and go, ‘No freaking way man,’” he explained.

Next, he gave a shout out to his production company for working so hard on the film Sahara.

“So also, Sahara was, the first production that my production company, Just Keep Living Productions, the first major motion picture we were producers on.,” he said.

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What does Just Keep Living mean to McConaughey? Well, a lot actually.

“And ‘just keep living’ is a motto that I do my best to navigate my life with each day. And this being the People’s Choice Awards, and the end of the year and the beginning of a new year it’s a good time to think about the people in our lives,” the Dazed and Confused star revealed.

It’s all about loving the ones you’re with.

“The ones that we have that we love, the ones that we are privilege to love, the ones we don’t even know yet, and the ones we will soon meet,” he continued. “Without them, without you, life’s not really worth living as much man.”

To end his speech McConaughey said, “So, I say bless all, viva la evolution and just keep living.”

Seems pretty fitting for the Texas native, right?

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