3 Reasons You Should Be Excited About ‘The Circle’

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It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Emma Watson on the big screen this year. While Disney fans have been reveling in the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, science fiction fans might find themselves more drawn to another of Watson’s movies set to hit the big screen this spring.

In April, Watson will star opposite Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks in the thrilling sci-fi film, The Circle. Based on the novel of the same name by author Dave Eggers, the upcoming drama tells the story of a young tech worker named May (Watson), who scores a dream job at the internet tech company of her dreams. Though May quickly finds herself rising in the ranks at The Circle, the more she succeeds, the more she realizes that there may be some hidden ethical issues with regards to things like privacy and surveillance that bubbling under the surface.

If the trailer is anything to go by, The Circle is bound to be a film you’ll definitely want to head out to the theater to check out for yourself. But just in case the trailer isn’t enough to convince you to buy a ticket, we’ve come up with three great reasons why you should be excited to catch The Circle in theaters this April. Check them out below!

1. The stellar cast.
Even the best of scripts would be nothing without a great crop of actors to bring the story to life and we’ve got to say that The Circle has one of the best casts we’ve seen in a while. Tom Hanks and Emma Watson co-star in the film as the founder of The Circle, and the social networks’ latest young recruit, respectively.

Joining the actors are Star Wars actor John Boyega and Doctor Who alumn Karen Gillan, who play two of Watson’s co-workers. Additionally, the film also stars Patton Oswald, Bill Paxton, and Boyhood star Ellar Coltrane.

We’re definitely excited to see some of our favorites take the silver screen together when The Circle hits theaters!

2. The film won’t be completely rooted in technology.
While the setting of The Circle revolves around a social media site that is said to be even bigger than Facebook, director James Ponsoldt revealed in an interview with IndieWire that there are themes within the film that transcend the world of technology.

In fact, Ponsoldt says that at the heart of things, The Circle is really a character study with Emma Watson’s character, May, at the heart of things.

“At its core, it’s a character study of someone who is trying to figure out how to live a meaningful life, who wants to do something with her life, who wants to leave a legacy, and isn’t quite sure how to do it.”

3. The source material has taken on a whole new meaning in this day in age.
Though adapted for the big screen by director James Ponsoldt and Dave Eggers, The Circle is actually based on a book by the same name written and released by Eggers back in 2013.

Like the film, the book tells the story of a young tech wiz (Emma Watson) who takes a job at The Circle, one of the biggest internet corporations around. The more success she finds within her new gig, however, the more Watson’s Mae uncovers the dark realities embedded within the corporation concerning privacy, surveillance, and freedom.

The premise of the film will undoubtedly hit particularly close to home for anyone who finds themselves living their lives online and that’s one of the main reasons Ponsoldt wanted to adapt the book for the big screen.

In fact, in a special director’s commentary cut of the trailer posted on Fandango’s Facebook page, Ponsoldt revealed that if anything, the themes Eggers wrote about in his book are all the more relevant today.

“Dave’s book, which felt like science fiction when it came out, really feels like science fact now,” said Ponsoldt.

With that in mind, we’ve got a feeling that heading out to watch The Circle will definitely have us questioning the role of technology in our own lives when we leave the theater!

The Circle hits theaters on April 28, 2017.

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