Here’s Where Grover From ‘The Nanny Diaries’ Is Today

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Scarlett Johansson has starred in her fair share of memorable movies, but we’ve got to confess that The Nanny Diaries will always be one of our favorites!

After all, who could forget the lovable rom-com about a college grad named Annie (Johansson), who decides to star working for a rich New York family in order to make ends-meet until she’s able to score the job of her dreams. Unfortunately, as those who’ve seen the film know all too well, as cute as her young charge, Grover, may look, he ends up being a bit of a handful at times!

It’s been nearly a decade since The Nanny Dairies premiered on the silver screen and won us over with its heartwarming charm, and its safe to say that actor Nicholas Reese Art, who played Grover in the film, is officially all grown up.

Since sharing the silver screen in The Nanny Diaries with the likes of Johannson, Laura Linney, and Chris Evans, Art has gone on to score roles in television series like Cashmere Mafia and Guiding Light. Most recently, the young actor starred opposite Kevin Bacon in the made for TV drama, Taking Chance.

It’s clear that Art has shared the screen with some seriously impressive actors in his day, but no matter what, we think we’ll always remember him as Johansson’s memorable pint-sized sidekick in The Nanny Diaries!

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