Molly Ringwald Reveals Why ‘Pretty In Pink’ Still Holds Up On Little Known Facts Podcast

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From Pretty In Pink to The Breakfast Club, it’s safe to say that Molly Ringwald has taken on some incredibly memorable roles in her lifetime as an actress.

And while today’s youth is probably more familiar with Ringwald’s work on Freeform’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager or even The CW’s latest supernatural drama, Riverdale, it’s clear that Ringwald’s iconic 80s catalogue of coming-of-age flicks still lives on in infamy.

So why is it that teens of every generation still relate to Ringwald’s classic roles? When the actress sat down with Ilana Levine for an episode of the Little Known Facts podcast, Ringwald said she thinks the reason those films still hold up is because teens far and wide still relate to the idea of feeling like an outsider.

Listen to Molly Ringwald’s episode of the Little Known Facts podcast below for more of her stories with regards to working with legendary director John Hughes, watching The Breakfast Club with her own teenage daughter for the first time, and much more!


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