Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back ‘Invader Zim’ — But With A Twist

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Another classic Nickelodeon series is getting the TV movie treatment, and we’re so excited about it!

Invader Zim first took over over TV screens in 2001, and now it’s coming back…well, sort of. Instead of returning as a series, the Nickelodeon cartoon is getting its own TV movie.

According to a Nickelodeon press release, via MTV News, the movie reboot will have the show’s original creator, Jhonen Vasque on board.

In case you don’t remember, because let’s be honest, 2001 was a LONG time ago, Invader Zim was all about an alien named Zim being sent to Earth from planet Irk. Despite being tricked by his own alien people (they didn’t think Earth was real), he fit in at school — and tried to take over the planet — until one boy figured out who he really was.

The series ran for two seasons, and now it will be returning as a movie, with Zim undoubtedly wreaking havoc and getting into mischief once more.

The upcoming film “will show the latest and greatest ridiculous attempt at world domination by the universe’s worst alien invader ever,” the press release explained.

In addition to getting Zim, Gir (the robot), Dib (the classmate who discovers he’s an alien and tries to stop his world domination) and Gaz (Dib’s sister) back into our lives, the characters will all be voiced by the original actors. This is a really good thing, since it will feel like the show never ended.

Here’s hoping we get even more Nickelodeon revivals as TV movies soon. After all, we loved the 2017 TV movie, Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie!

No release date has been set for the Invader Zim film, but we will keep you updated.

(H/T MTV News)

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