Zendaya’s ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Character Is Apparently A Big Book Nerd

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/BBMA2016/Getty Images for dcp)
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Disney Channel viewers have been fans of Zendaya for years, but now she’s transforming once again as an actress, this time jumping into the Marvel universe.

During an interview with Slash Film, Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts opened up about casting Zendaya in his reboot. According to the filmmaker, the 20-year-old actress was different in person than what he initially expected.

“Yeah, it was really funny. I knew of her, but I knew [her from] K.C. Undercover,” Watts told Slash Film about his prior knowledge of the actress. “It was funny because then you Google her and you see she’s a cover girl and is so glamorous.”

When the singer came into audition and read for the role of Michelle, one of Peter Parker’s classmates, she surprised everyone with her in-person persona.

“She just came in and read on tape for just whoever because we were doing open readings, and she was so different than what I think anyone expected and was just really down to Earth and really relatable,” he explained. “It was the open-minded thing I was talking about earlier; it was like ‘She’s gotta be in the movie in some capacity.’”

Watts also talked about his vision for Zendaya’s character in the film, explaining how she was supposed to be different than the usual high school girls we see on screen.

Despite being a glamorous individual in real life, Zendaya’s character on screen is much more underdone.

“I always thought of her as being a version of Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, what Linda Cardellini is like in Freaks and Geeks. It’s just a cool character, and it’s cool for her to be that character, I though,” Watts said.

The character of Michelle is edgy and not your typical girl-next-door, or prom queen style high school girl. This is one of the many reasons we think Zendaya is the perfect fit, because she always brings so much style and uniqueness to her roles.

“She has a really cool wardrobe, really funny, lots of literary nods,” he noted about the character. “I like the idea that she’s a real reader and bookish. She always has a big pile of books she’s carrying around, which I picked and obsessed over.”

Michelle being a recluse in a sense and lover of books, makes us want to see Zendaya in the role even more. Thank goodness the film comes out this year!

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7, 2017.

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