Netflix’s Newest Change Will Make Deciding What To Watch So Much Easier

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Say goodbye to Netflix’s five star rating system! The online streaming platform revealed on Wednesday (April 5) that viewers will now be able to rate television and movie titles by giving them the thumbs up or thumbs down.

Netflix caused quite the commotion back in March when the first revealed plans to switch up their long-standing five star rating system and it’s not hard to understand why. Fans of Netflix have understandably grown fond of star rating titles but even so, the online streaming platform is hoping users will grow to love the new system they’ve put in place.

According to Variety, now, instead of seeing the average star rating next to each title, viewers will see a percentage “match score” which is unique to the user viewing it. The new score is a prediction based on what Netflix thinks you might enjoy watching based on what you tend to gravitate toward on the platform.

Unlike the star rating system, which was an average rating comprised of all Netflix users, the new algorithm produces a percentage rating tailored to each individual user.

Additionally, Netflix hopes that the more titles you give the thumbs up or thumbs down rating to, the quicker the plaform’s new system will be able to help you find other titles to fall in love with.

It’s certainly an interesting change and as much as we’ll miss seeing an average star rating next to every title, we’re definitely interested in testing out the new rating system for ourselves!

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