‘PLL’ Boss Says Liars Could Turn Against Each Other In The Final Season & We Are Not OKAY

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It wouldn’t be a season of Pretty Little Liars without a LOT of drama, right? Right!

The final season (Season 7B) of Pretty Little Liars is almost upon us, and we can barely contain our excitement. That being said, we are also very nervous about what’s to come — and with good reason.

During an interview with Refinery 29 at PaleyFest, the showrunner spilled a few secrets about the final installment, including the fact that the Liars could turn against each other before the show ends.

So what could mess up the unbreakable bond that these characters have with one another? According to King, the mystery gift from A.D. will definitely test them. She explained that the box from the teaser holds a model of Rosewood and it’s not just for looking at.

“This is the final game,” King told Refinery 29. “[The Liars] receive a real-life board game of Rosewood from A.D., and they have to play this game, and A.D. uses the game to pit them against each other.”

The tactic might work or maybe it will blow up in A.D.’s face. We’re hoping for the latter.

“Classic PLL strategy,” King added about the game. We are so not on board with the Liars being pitted against each other. They have to be united to defeat another Rosewood baddie!

What do you think the girls will have to do in the game? Can they remain united?

Pretty Little Liars returns to Freeform on April 18, 2017.

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